Connect micromax A87 With PC If USB is Block

09 Jan

1. Download these files:

  •  jdk 32bit only from here
  • Android sdk from here
  • A87 drivers from here
  • adb_usb.ini (very imp) from here
  • Android Commander from here

2. Installing Android sdk

  • Install jdk (required for Android sdk)
  • Then install Android  sdk, if you get an error saying “Java SE development kit not found” then follow the steps below,
    • Press back and then Next again (works most of the times).
    • If it still shows the same error then you may have to set the path, Just goto control panel > search for “advance system settings” > open it > click “Environment variables” there you may find a variable named “JAVA_HOME” select it and click edit, if you dont find it then click new, in the variable name type “JAVA_HOME” and in variable value give the Path of your jdk installed for eg. (“C:\Program Files(x86)\Java\jdk1.7.0_07”). be sure that u specify you own version of jdk, just go and check your folders. now Click OK > Click OK > Click OK then try installing android sdk.
    • If you still get the same error, just check that the version of jdk you have installed and the version of Android sdk you are trying to install are both x86 / 32bit versions, if not then download again.
  • After installing open sdk manager form start, you will get a list of packages to install just select “android sdk platform-tools” and “google usb driver” unselect the rest, click install packages
  • After installing copy the adb_usb.ini file in “C:\Users\(your PC name)\.android” folder

3. Enable usb debugging mode

  • On your A87 goto settings>applications>development>enable usb debugging
  • connect usb cable, it should say usb debugging mode and show a little green android icon on the top left (if not then reinsert cable or re enable usb debugging)

4. Installing A87 drivers

  • Windows will detect the device, let it stabilize then extract A87 drivers to a location say “C:/drivers”.
  • Now goto start type “device manger” open device manager, you will find “android adb interface” right click upgrade drivers and lead it to a location of your extracted drivers.
  • do the same with other devices you get with an exclamation icon. (dont worry if you dont find other devices, its fine)

5. Open Android Command

  • Open Android Command  From All Program And Tansfer Your Data From Android Phone to PC OR PC to Android Phone
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